Jakob Lind
Full stack developer and teamlead
Oslo, Norway

Jakob Lind

I have a passion for shipping high-quality software to customers.

As a full stack developer, I contribute to your organization where it has the biggest impact. Most of the time this involves writing code and creating architectures. I have over 10 years of experience as a developer and a Master's degree in IT from Chalmers University. I have experience from the complexities of the real world like working with legacy code and complex domains. As a developer, I'm methodical and systematic. I use TDD, pair programming, and code review as tools for creating high-quality software.

As a team lead, I want to make the team as productive as possible by removing blockers and making sure the developers are happy because that lets them create the most value. I work closely with key stakeholders and help them prioritize by giving my perspective from a technical point of view. I help making tough decisions like balancing feature development with working on technical debt and technical innovation.

Our customers today require more than ever. I am passionate about tech and I like to stay up-to-date. Innovation should be baked into our daily work. I use new tools, processes, languages, and techniques when it is beneficial.

I contribute to building a good culture in the organization. Previously I have organized lean coffee, co-organized conferences, blog posts, and many other things.


I write about React and the Javascript ecosystem on http://blog.jakoblind.no


Do your developers in your organization want to get started with React? I run workshops and courses in Oslo.

Open source contributions

I enjoy helping others and giving back to the community. These are some of my most popular projects:

More info on my github profile


Do you need a full stack developer or team lead for your software project? I take on both shorter and longer term projects.

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Overview of technical skillset

Languages Libraries Tools/Systems
Javascript Node.js/Express Amazon Web services (AWS)
CSS4/HTML React Emacs!
Java Redux Git
Scala and Clojure Webpack Linux

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